Answers to Quiz XIII

How did you do with Spirit River Quiz 13?  Too tough?  Too easy?  Can’t wait to write your own quiz and send it in to Town Spirit?  Well, if the third thing is true, send it in!  Just email 🙂

Now back to the quiz.  Here are the questions again so you don’t have to go back a few posts, and the answers below each one.  As always, if you have a question, correction or comment, please leave it in the comment box.

1. Name a Governor General of Canada besides Lord Tweedsmuir who visited Spirit River.

The 11th and 12th Governors General of Canada certainly came to the area, and perhaps more visited also.  Victor Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire and Governor General from 1916-1921 and his successor Baron Byng of Vimy, Governor General from 1921-1926, travelled through Spirit River on official tours.

2.  What was Peace River’s original name?

The Village of Peace River Crossing. The name was shortened to “Peace River” on May 22, 1916 and  then “The Town of Peace River” on December 1, 1919.

3.  When  was the cattle ranch set up on the banks of Spirit River to serve Fort Dunvegan, four kilometres away?

The HBC ranch was established by 1854, when it makes an appearance in the Fort Dunvegan diary. 

4. What was the original name of the town site surveyed in 1907 and subdivided in 1915 by the ED&BC railroad that would become the town of Spirit River?

Spirit River Station – a railway town, after all.

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3 Responses to Answers to Quiz XIII

  1. Good info. I’m sorry I knew none of the answers. I’m smarter now.

    • townspirit says:

      There was one at Tomslake in the summer. Smaller, but closer. A few people were evacuated but they got it under control pretty quickly. That’s the closest Spirit River has been to a wildfire recently (knock on wood).

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