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The Ghost of Dunvegan Bridge

Happy Hallowe’en, Spirit River!  Here’s one last local ghost story: Everyone has heard of her, vaguely.  The story is like a ghost itself, dim and diaphanous, glimpsed sometimes in the imagination and then disappearing like a curl of mist.  Let’s … Continue reading

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Spirit River’s Old Roman Catholic Mission

It was established in 1890, making it one of the oldest buildings still standing in the west.  It preceeded most of the settlers who came to Spirit River, even providing some with a place to sleep upon arrival in their … Continue reading

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Ghost River part II

A second Cree legend of Chepi sepe has a more specific spirit doing the haunting.  There is said to have been a woman buried in a grove of trees somewhere near the river.  When the wind blew through the branches, … Continue reading

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Ghost River part I

Chepi Sepe, Ghost River.  The Cree who lived here long ago must have had a reason for giving the Spirit River such a name.  The story, if there ever was one true origin, has become diffuse over the years, and … Continue reading

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Spirit River Gives the Shivers

Statistics Canada has made a list of “Places in Canada that will give you the creeps” and of course Spirit River is there too: Axe Point, Black Cape, Black Water, Bloodvein, Bloodvein River, Bone Creek, Bone Town, Burnt Arm, Burnt … Continue reading

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Swirling Ghosts

Something spooky for Hallowe’en month! It’s nearly dusk and it’s nice to be nearing home in Spirit River after a long day.  The light is low; the dark is just creeping across the fields and there is a hint of … Continue reading

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Another School Day

It was 94 years ago when P.E.I. born Miss J.M. Henderson arrived to teach school in Spirit River.  The independent, adventurous woman intended to stay maybe two years in our little town.  She ended up teaching here for the next … Continue reading

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