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Spirit River Quiz III

Here we are, another perfectly impossible puzzler!  Well maybe this one isn’t quite so hard.  Have a go! 1. What are three other names for the Moose Bird? 2. Where and when, according to rumour, did the last wild buffalo … Continue reading

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The Idlewild Expedition

The excitement about this spring’s York Boat expedition brings to mind another great adventure that started from Dunvegan six years ago on May 24, 2005.  It was the Idlewild Expedition. Retired bison rancher Ben Gray had the wild idea of … Continue reading

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Got Mosquito Bites?

Welcome back from the long weekend!  Bet you got some mosquito bites.  Actually, not mosquito bites but… mosquito injection sites?  Blood withdrawal mounds?  Whatever you call them, they itch!  And they really do itch and swell more in the spring.  … Continue reading

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Peace River Waltz

Another Peace Country favourite by the incredible Keray Regan!  Do you remember the words? It was under northern stars, violins and guitars     Played a dreamy waltz just for two. While they softly played our hearts quietly strayed        Along with the … Continue reading

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S/Sgt. George Henry Leopold Bossange

On the evening of June 21st, 1909, S/Sgt. Bossange was found dead, lying under his dead horse.  The pair were on a trail near Spirit River, coming back from an official visit to a suspected Bolshevik agitator. From The RCMP … Continue reading

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The Peace River Meteorite

Article information from Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Vol. 58, p.109 The day before April Fool’s Day, 1963, a fireball exploded in the sky over Peace River, Alberta.  Although it took some talking to convince experts from … Continue reading

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The Story of a Local Man

It’s always interesting to catch up on what people from the Spirit River, Alberta area have done with their lives.  We are an interesting bunch of people! Here is the story (and more here) of Albert Ludwig, QC, who left … Continue reading

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