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A Poem We All Say

For today, a poem we all say on a very cold day (maybe not today, even though it is still Januaray…ahem!): My nose is froze And so are my toes (I can’t feel them, But I suppose)

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Who Reads Town Spirit?

Bloggers received a New Year gift from WordPress: a summary of blog activity for the year.  One thing of particular interest that was charted was a map of where readers were coming from.  Town Spirit’s results were surprising, even if … Continue reading

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Two Children’s Books About Dawson Creek

There is no shortage of books about the Peace Country.  The more you look, the more you find!  It is a little hard to track down some of the older titles but it can be done.  Here are a couple … Continue reading

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Spirit River and the Poaching Sting

For outsiders, a big part of the allure of the Peace Country is the expanse of wilderness up here.  In a world that is constantly becoming more cluttered and claustrophobic this region can still provide a sense of freedom and … Continue reading

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Town Spirit Wants to Host Your Post!

The goal of the Town Spirit blog is gather a collection of good things about Spirit River and area!  (And history, which isn’t always “good” but it is interesting).  To do that, your help is needed! If you have a … Continue reading

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Where to Put the Fort?

Why is the Dunvegan crossing where it is?  Fort Dunvegan was placed on the north side of the southernmost bend of the Peace River to make it as close to the Spirit River/Grande Prairie gateway-to-points-further-east as possible.  Why the north … Continue reading

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