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Patricia Joudry

Who knew Spirit River was a hot spot for theatre stars?  Well, here’s another, this time a playwright.  Patricia Joudry was born here in Spirit River in 1921.  She became one of Canada’s greatest radio writers, with her comedy shows … Continue reading

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100th Post!

Town Spirit is celebrating the 100th post!  Since the end of August, the Spirit River blog has been chronicling all good things about our town.  There is no shortage of interesting, entertaining, and exciting things going on here. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Another Spirit River Question

You’ve all heard people say it, whether they are locals or not.  They refer to Spirit River as, simply, Spirit. Nicknames are supposed to indicate fondness, and two syllables are certainly easier to say than four.  But there is more… … Continue reading

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Spirit Riverians?

A poser for all residents of Spirit River: what do we call ourselves? Are we Spirit Riverites?  Spirit Riverians?  Spirits?  What?  Creative feedback would be most appreciated!  Please hit the comment button and make your preference known!

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It might be cold around here in winter, but it sure is pretty too!  Here are some pictures to look at so you don’t have to go out to see our delicious frost and snow!

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Fairview-Spirit River Alberta Legend

Grant Notley is a famous name here in the Peace Country.  He was a man of integrity, intelligence, and real determination who was just beginning to win some success for himself and for the NDP party when tragedy struck. A … Continue reading

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