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To anyone who saw a horrid ad when they tried to access Town Spirit: WordPress shows ads very rarely to viewers to pay for the absolutely entirely free blogs like this one.  If you saw the ads, please just open the page again.  It is very nearly statistically impossible that you will see the ads twice.

To anyone who has emailed and hasn’t received a reply: Town Spirit’s hotmail address makes it vulnerable to spam checkers.  Please look in your trash!  Your input is important – Town Spirit will always write back.

Town Spirit is the two year old interactive blog about all things good in Spirit River, Alberta, Canada!  It’s an open arena to share your writing and photography, advertise your event or business, and find out what’s happening in Spirit River and the surrounding area!

The more everyone contributes, the better the blog will be, so please send any ideas, information, thank yous, upcoming events, suggestions, comments or photos to townspirit@hotmail.com and they’ll be published on this blog.  Be assured of anonymity if you prefer.

Feel absolutely free to write comments and posts, so long as they are Spirit River related, positive and suitable for all audiences.  Your post is your own: Town Spirit will publish it as you write it, so please indicate anything in your email that you don’t want published (addresses kept strictly private).

Comments will show on the blog immediately.  They are always public.  If you want to correspond with more privacy, email is best.

Please be aware that when you leave a comment your email address or website might show up automatically in the appropriate box.  This information is not required, so just delete it if you do not want it shown (to Town Spirit HQ).  Your email address would not show up on the blog if you did not erase it.  You don’t have to log in to leave a comment.

If you see information that is incomplete or incorrect, please tell Town Spirit!  Positive posts should not include mistakes.

The wonderful thing about a WordPress blog is that there are no fees for a basic set up like this one.  No one profits from administering Town Spirit and no one pays.  Sometimes good things are free!

Thank you for your interest, most especially if you have commented or sent a post:)  Have a nice day in Spirit River!

18 Responses to About Town Spirit

  1. Anneli says:

    I’ve written a little piece about September days in the north – just a little anecdote – on my blog and I thought people of Spirit River might also relate what those first frosty September mornings are like. You can find it on http://wordsfromanneli.wordpress.com
    I hope you don’t mind me putting this connection on your blog.

    • townspirit says:

      That’s great Anneli! Those frosty mornings are coming soon and no doubt Town Spirit readers can relate 🙂 Hopefully it’s not too hard to appreciate the wonders of the season in the moment.

  2. What a great way to promote Town Spirit.

  3. ileneonwords says:

    Have fond memories of Alberta; Visited there over 35 years ago!

    • townspirit says:

      Time to come back?

      • Adelphia says:

        Sounds like a typical grnfeaathdr. Progress has not been uniform, but sheez, there’s been a lot more people working on this stuff since 1950 than prior, and though there has been a huge amount of crap, there has been a lot of great novels and music (art I don’t know about).

      • Szervusztok!Szia Karcsi!Hatalmasat nÅ‘ttek a kicsik! Ilyenkor mennyit esznek egy nap? Szegény szülÅ‘k hány kiló eleséget visznek a kis éhenkórászoknak?Köszi a hatalmas munkát, Karcsi!!!

      • Hey Jim, I was looking for your insight about your episode…I think this episode gives a weird big hommage to Taxi Driver and to Scorsese as well.First: Don’s thoughts about loneliness recalls Travis’ diary for me.Second: Don’s sunglass is exactly like the one De Niro wore.Third: Ms Blankenship remark (the I was blind) is at the end of Raging Bull.Fourth: getting a bj in the back of a taxicab.Fifth: in the end, there is a lot of music, and it’s clearly recalls the score of Bernard Hermann.Sixth: Travis will be a veteran of the Vietnam war…What do you think?

    • Kalie says:

      Greetings! This was very informative. I, myself am very interested in OB/GYN but people continuously tell me about malpractice and how it will only rise in the near future; and I know of some OB/Gyns who solely run Gyn clinics because of that very reason. What is your opinion on this matter? Also, do you have any suggestions as to how as medical students, we should pay attention to the “business of me1d;ine&#822ic? Would you suggest obtaining an MBA?

  4. tkmorin says:

    Great idea for a blog … and the fact that you promote a part of our great country, I love it. [high five] 🙂

  5. Sofia Ann says:

    Love your cover photo…its golden color! My first time to hear Town Spirit…realized it’s really a place.. /Goodluck!!

  6. Hi!
    What a wonderful Blog to find!
    I am very new to the area of Spirit River, my partner and I moved here a little over a month ago. I have fallen in love with this area, and have been very lucky to have met some amazing people already!!
    For anyone who doesn’t know about me yet I’m the Australia Photographer with Don’t Blink! Photography who has come to town to capture everything, and everyone I possibly can! 🙂
    Please feel free to join me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/D.B.P.withLEONIE or visit my website at http://www.dbp-dontblinkphotography.com
    I am really looking forward to meeting more of the locals here and exploring more of this beautiful area!!

  7. Julian Jr. Merrier says:

    Oh my god thank you town spirit! I hope you can help me! I live in a reservation you might know as Cadotte Lake, I’ve been wanting to find a place or company that makes movie here in Alberta. You make a post in May 2014 and wondering if you actually know where Peace Country Films is located. You said is wasn’t far from Peace River, I’d love to know if they’re still up and running to make a film I’d love to pitch them some ideas! Thanks and hope for a reply soon!

  8. Brennen olfert says:

    What is the name of the guy who Flys the crop dusting planes? Gary _____? I met him last year and could never remember his last name. Would like to get ahold of hI’m.

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