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Peace River Photographer

Peace River Photographer Leah Wood has a great portfolio.  Browse through her pictures and you’ll see she has a real love for the Peace Country – in all its seasons.  Not many photographers, or their subjects, would consider an outdoor … Continue reading

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The Case of the Five Decade Fugitive

One more addendum to the story of Spirit River and the Wild West Saga: The FBI posts Bytes Out of History and this one, The Five-Decade Fugitive Case, is one you’ll be familiar with if you keep up with Town … Continue reading

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Enough Already?

Remember this?  Hard to believe it was only two weeks ago when we were up to here with all that white stuff!  And now… the grass is showing! Just don’t get used to it.  Tobogganing season isn’t over yet 🙂

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The Senior Lifetimes

Have you picked up a copy of The Senior Lifetimes?  It’s a free paper published four times a year and delivered to places where the target audience – seniors – is likely to come across them. You don’t have to … Continue reading

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Landmark Rail Fence

Submitted by CeeBee One of the most familiar sights just out of Spirit River is the old railway snow fence.  The line runs alongside the highway so whenever you leave town or come in from the east you see it, … Continue reading

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