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Celestial Sparklers Meet This Weekend

Venus, Jupiter and our very own moon are meeting in the western sky this weekend.  The two planets have been converging for a while and will continue to do so until mid-March, when they will be just 3 degrees apart … Continue reading

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More Meteors Over Alberta

Aha!  Town Spirit’s hopes were answered today with new, better footage of Tuesday’s meteor sent in to CTV news.  Check on their web site for the video. Also, here’s a video from The Great Daylight 1972 Fireball, which passed over … Continue reading

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Did You See It?

Another fireball went streaking across the prairie sky Tuesday evening, burning and breaking up in the atmosphere.  Did you happen to glance skyward at 8:39?  Lucky you if you did! Maybe you spotted the last bright bolide back in November … Continue reading

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A Familiar Face

If you’ve watched CTV’s Regina news program in the past year, you might have recognized a familiar face.  Danelle Boivin, born and raised in Eaglesham, is the News Co-anchor.

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