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Marti Adrian

Prairie-born artist Marti Adrian certainly got a share of her family’s creativity and talent.  For as long as she remembers she has been drawing and painting, gaining skill by taking courses and studying under various well-known artists. Today, Marti Adrian’s … Continue reading

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Peace Region Raptor Study

If you are interested in birds, particularly the impressive owls, hawks and falcons, you’ll want to check out the Peace Region Raptor Study blog. There you’ll find fantastic pictures of the big raptors.  They’d be useful for identifying birds you’ve … Continue reading

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What’s For Lunch?

What little squirrel lost his bet and had to eat his cap?

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Herds of Hundreds

Elk have become a serious problem in the Peace Country.  They travel in herds, agitate cattle, chase people, consume or destroy bales, break fences and even kill horses.  In short, they run rampant in certain areas, travelling in herds of … Continue reading

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Magpies are a most familiar bird in the Peace Country, and in many areas of the world.  Large, raucous, and distinctly coloured, the magpie is a bird that is hard to miss. They are also very interesting – and intelligent … Continue reading

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Sweet Sweet!

What’s that flash of yellow in the trees?  A bumblebee?  An escaped canary? No, it’s a yellow warbler! They are quite common, here in the Peace Country an all over the Americas.  Except, they are very shy and very quick, … Continue reading

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Flying Squirrels

Did you know there are Northern Flying Squirrels in the Peace Country?  Actually, they range all over Canada’s northern boreal forest, but you could consider yourself very lucky if you happened to spot one. Flying Squirrels are nocturnal, unlike the … Continue reading

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