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The Poetry of Falling Leaves

Fall is here for sure now, having blasted through on Wednesday evening.  Time to read a poem about all the wonderful things about the season (and not too much about snow!). Check out this Acrostic Poem by Elle Fredine. If … Continue reading

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Signs of the Season

Fall has come to the Peace Country and it is particularly noticeable at Moonshine Lake.  The hub of summer life, the Provincial Park is now quiet… almost too quiet.  There are still a few people camping, fishing or on the … Continue reading

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Winter is Here

Now that it is cold, we must admit that winter is here.  How many days in a row were those flakes falling?  Enough… but it is beautiful, isn’t it?  The way everything gets quiet and soft, everything is iced with … Continue reading

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Season of Wonder

Apparently Jack Frost needed an extended vacation up in Alaska this year, but he breezed back into town with a vengeance yesterday.  What a lot of bluster to scatter so little snow!  Hopefully the colder temperatures will help those tiny … Continue reading

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