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The Irreplaceable Valley

The Site C Dam has been in the headlines often enough in the past few years, and each year the Paddle for the Peace event reopens discussion about the future of the river and the valley.  Is the value of … Continue reading

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Rural Roots Magazine

Have  you got rural roots? If so, you’ll probably enjoy Rural Roots Magazine, a quarterly collection of memories and stories of modern rural living, all here in Western Canada.  It’s all about us and what we do.  Also, your submissions … Continue reading

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Senior Living

Senior Living is an online community specializing in whatever might interest seniors.  Specifically, seniors living in B.C., but hey, we’re pretty close.  Much of the information about travelling, for example, is useful for us too. Senior Living is a website, … Continue reading

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Bannock and Beans

A final addendum to the story of the Bedaux Expedition: one of the cowboys who was along for the ride (probably on a horse and not in a Citroen) has written his memoirs of the expedition, the wilderness, and the … Continue reading

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Fern Bedaux

Yesterday’s post was all about the adventuresome millionaire Charles Bedaux and his ambitious, if crazy, 1934 expedition through northern Alberta and British Columbia.  His wife was mentioned, briefly, as an appurtenance: part of the trappings of the boss’ scheme.  So … Continue reading

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The Bedaux Expedition

Well, it never got an Oscar, but there was no lack of drama. This is the story of a hare-brained adventure cooked up by an eccentric millionaire in search of excitement, publicity, notoriety… who really knows what sort of goals … Continue reading

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