A D.C. Legend

Today, a story from the Alaska Highway News about a Dawson Creek man who has spent over ninety years serving his country and community, seeking adventure and learning at every opportunity.  Please enjoy reading the life history of Flight Sergeant Sam Side: his own version.

And look for his biography at Bill’s News in Dawson Creek!

Know a local legend?  Let us know.  Please write to townspirit@hotmail.com or leave a comment on any post.  Thanks 🙂

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3 Responses to A D.C. Legend

  1. That’s so cool that his story is available at Bill’s News. As a child I used to stop at Bill’s News on my way home from school to pick up a snack or some comic books. Amazing that the store is still there after so many years. I’m talking about the late 50s and here we are all these years later, and it’s still there!.

    • townspirit says:

      Wow, that is amazing! They still sell snacks and newspapers, and they specialize in books by local authors or of local interest. What would really be amazing is if that little schoolgirl grew up and wrote some books and had them for sale in Bill’s News! Do you have hard copy versions of your books?

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