National Bee Diagnostic Centre

If you hail from the Peace Country, you are in on a great secret: our region produces some mighty tasty honey!  But did you know, we also have “the first comprehensive laboratory in Canada to provide a full array of diagnostic services for bee pathogens”.  That’s a quote from the website of the National Bee Diagnostic Centre Technology Access Centre (NBDC-TAC), a place where the aim is to protect and grow the apiculture industry in Canada.

You probably know that honeybees are seriously threatened these days, and without honeybees to make it, we would have no honey.  The team at the NBDC-TAC have the best training and equipment to diagnose what ails the bees.  The Centre is located just outside of Beaverlodge, and is the result of a partnership between the Beaverlodge Research Farm and the Grande Prairie Regional College – Centre for Research and Innovation.

This facility is of the utmost importance to honeybee and honey lover populations world wide.  Next time you dip into sweet, taste-of-sunshine Peace Country honey, smile a little wider and think of how local innovation and forward thinking  is benefiting people everywhere 🙂

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2 Responses to National Bee Diagnostic Centre

  1. Yes! I’ve noticed that we have hardly any bees around anymore. That could have a drastic effect on our fruit tree production and any other agriculture, for that matter.

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