Vanishing Sentinals

The golden age of the towering prairie sentinel, the grain elevator, is long past now, but there are still some of the wooden mammoths that have somehow survived weathering, fire, and making way for the new.

Some elevators are being preserved, too.  Museums can sometimes house the prairie giants, and Dawson Creek has made sure an elevator is a major part of their skyline by combining the historical elevator with a modern art gallery and gift shop.

Other elevators are preserved in print and photos.  Jim Pearson has published three books, two on Saskatchewan’s elevators and one featuring Peace Country elevators.  Find his website and ways to purchase  ‘Vanishing Sentinels’ here.

For photos of our local elevators, standing and during demolition, visit the Spirit River and District Museum in person or by clicking here.


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2 Responses to Vanishing Sentinals

  1. I was in the museum in Dawson Creek. I think it’s a great idea to turn the elevators into museums rather than tearing them down.

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