Peace Country Honey Products

Quick quiz: where is the largest organic apiary in Canada located?

Answer: In Guy, Alberta, in the famous for yummy honey Peace Region (of course!).

Wolfe Honey Company Inc. holds the admirable title Largest Organic Apiary in Canada and has been in the honey business for over a quarter of a century, proudly making quality honey-based products available for your table… and for your backpack (more on that in a minute).

First, lets get to the products.  The list of Honey Bunny products is a wonderful assortment of items to make the mouth water, including raw honey, creamed honey, liquid honey and imported Zambian honey made by wild bees.  There is pollen, milled or in granule form.  There are three kinds of BBQ sauce and a ketchup, honey sweetened condiments that will give your meats an extra tasty, savoury flavour.

Honey Bunny Buzz Balm lip balm also comes in a selection of flavours.

Besides being bee genius, Wolfe Honey Company Inc. has opted for totally unique and practical form of packaging their honey and condiments that is also environmentally friendly.  The stand up pouch makes the sticky products easy to use, and to store – even to pack into your backpack.
You can find out all about the Honey Bunny story and product line on their website, as well as browsing some delectable recipes (you may want to have the honey on hand before you start, because you won’t be able to resist making something).  Look for the Honey Bunny product line in grocery stores and health food stores. The pouches are easy to spot amid the bottles 🙂

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