The Irreplaceable Valley

The Site C Dam has been in the headlines often enough in the past few years, and each year the Paddle for the Peace event reopens discussion about the future of the river and the valley.  Is the value of the land and the river as they are greater than their potential as a hydroelectric project?

The time is coming for the B.C. and federal governments to come to a decision about whether or not the project should go ahead.  Of course the electricity is important, but what will be lost?  Why should you care about this impending project, and how can you find accurate information about it?

Further reviews and recommendations are still underway.  Many groups are in search of more information and clearer answers.

This article, the last in a series of eight, demonstrates what will be lost from personal, economic, environmental and historic perspectives.

There is also the book, This Was Our Valley, which tells the story of how damming the Peace River has already effected the area.

To dam or not to dam is an important decision. The Peace River Valley is indeed irreplaceable.

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