Town Spirit Turns Four!

Welcome to the 4th Anniversary of Town Spirit, the blog about all things good happening in Spirit River and area.  It’s nice to think that this blog is one of those good things  too 🙂

Over the past four years it has been a pleasure to discover the history of this area, and to help get the word out about the great things going on every day in our town and larger community.  It may surprise you to know that there are nearly 800 posts in the archive, and there is always something to write a new post about.  Many sincere thanks to all those who have helped make Town Spirit a success by submitting posts, pictures, ideas and tips.  You have made this blog what it is supposed to be: an interactive digest of interesting and informative posts for the reading pleasure of locals and visitors alike.  Never underestimate how much your contributions are worth here!

Four years ago this blog was launched with the hope that people would find it useful, interesting and maybe, just maybe, a valuable part of life in Spirit River.  And, once in a while, a comment along those lines is received.  Town Spirit’s purpose is fulfilled :).

It’s a happy 4th anniversary here!  Thanks for coming, and hope to see you again soon 🙂

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2 Responses to Town Spirit Turns Four!

  1. Congratulations. So glad you’re there!

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