At the Heart – At the Post Office!

Today is Customer Appreciation Day at the Spirit River post office.  Be sure to stop in, and how about considering being a better customer by opting out of junk mail so you don’t have to sneak it onto the counter instead of taking it with you 😉  Yes, it’s easy to say no junk please!

This customer appreciates the post office right back, so here’s a post from September 2010 written in appreciation:

Years ago when the Peace Country, fabled land of golden grain and glorious valleys, was just beginning to attract settlers, it was the post office that was the making of a town.  A group of people with big ideas and boundless ambition might have been there already, but it wasn’t until the post office was started, usually with the name of the postmistress or master, that the town was something real.  Something that would stay, root itself into the prairie, grow and thrive.

Spirit River has quite a postal history, starting in 1905 at the original town site beside the river.  By 1916, Spirit River had moved a couple of miles North to follow the railroad.  Both the town and the post office were then called Spirit River Station.  Four years later the office name changed to Spirit River #2; 21 years later it burned down but was rebuilt.  Finally, in 1970, the post office moved to its present place, quite close to where the railway station once was.

How fitting that the post office and railway, the social and economic hearts of the community, should spiral together until ultimately arriving at the same spot.

The role of the railway in Spirit River may have been eclipsed, but the post office remains at the center of the community.  Whatever might be in the mail, the post office is open to all to exchange greetings and gossip.  There’s a daily dose of fun and cheer waiting behind the counter, handed out with the parcels and stamps.  And we all love a therapeutic grouch about the junk mail and bills!

Next time you go to the post office and someone holds the door for you, as they surely will, take a moment to marvel at how everyone in Spirit River can open the doors to the heart of the community and invite anyone in.

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3 Responses to At the Heart – At the Post Office!

  1. smalltowngrl says:

    Jeez, I’ve got to go to the post office… :-0!

  2. Post offices used to be the center of town. They were important to everyone!

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