The Dawson Creek Fall Fair


This year, the City of Dawson Creek will celebrate its 92nd Annual Fall Fair. A long time ago I lived in Dawson Creek (northern British Columbia), and as a child I remember that the Fall Fair was something my brother and sisters and I looked forward to each year. The lead up to the opening of the fair was the Fall Fair Parade. We loved watching the  clowns as they cleaned up after the horses. They were so funny in their clean up antics that we cheered whenever a horse did its business on the pavement. That meant the clowns had to go into action again.

img733Spectators stood wherever they could find a place, some even watching the parade from the roof of the New Palace Hotel and Cafe.

The police car proudly rolled down the street showing off its modern vintage. Most of the other vehicles were much older…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Townspirit. Memories of Peace Country days!

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