Tragopogon Dubius


You’d know one if you saw one!  Those things that look like giant dandelions with the yellow flowers and the big fluffy globe.  That’s Tragopogon dubius, also known as western salsify, goat’s beard, wild oysterplant and variations of those names.  DSCF2043










Western Salsify isn’t rare; it grows all over North America and in many other corners of the world.  There are also hybrid plants which are combinations of Western, Common and Meadow Salsify.

The Goat’s Beard moniker is an obvious one.  Oysterplant comes from the taste of the root – just like oysters!  It can be cooked or eaten raw, and is even sold in cans.  Because it is a garden escapee, you can plant it in the yard and expect it to grow successfully.

Please do your research carefully before eating any unfamiliar plant!

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2 Responses to Tragopogon Dubius

  1. This looks like one of the many fireworks formations I saw on the BC Day celebrations.

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