Herb Sellin: Showing at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

This is an update on a post published July 16th.  Today there is further information on the show from the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune.  Click through to read 🙂

This July the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie will be hosting the works of well-known Peace Country artist Herb Sellin, who started out right here in Spirit River, Alberta.  If you are familiar with his paintings, you might find this exhibit a little different than you might expect.

The show is called Herb Sellin: 45 Years – A Journey Through Realism to Abstraction.

It will be a celebration of Grande Prairie’s centennial as well as of Sellin’s 45 years of full-time painting.  Be sure to catch the show between July 17th and October 12th.  You can find more information here.


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2 Responses to Herb Sellin: Showing at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

  1. Scout says:

    That’s a sharp way of thnkniig about it.

  2. Devyn,It makes me wonder why God intervenes so infrequently in matters of life and death. Perhaps He is bound by some law(s) that prevent Him from doing so?I think that if he intervenes too frequently, those who didn’t get intervention will be mad at him for forgetting them, or considering them unworthy of intervention. I think it also shows us that while this life is vitally important in the eternal sense, death is not really that big of a deal.

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