The Lighthouse on the Peace

If you have ever been out late boating on the Peace River, you’ll appreciate the new beacon at Pratt’s Landing – perhaps the only working lighthouse in Alberta.

The Peace Country isn’t exactly associated with lighthouses, but the one at Pratt’s Landing is serving at least part of the traditional purpose, guiding waterfarers to the safety of a familiar landing spot.  It also has a more modern role as a tourist destination 🙂

The lighthouse is 14 feet high with a topper and light sent all the way from Pennsylvania.  The light, an LED, runs from dawn ’til dusk, powered by a solar panel.  It’s range is 3 km.

Check it out this summer!  By land or water, it’s a sight to see.  If you know of other destinations for Peace Country wanderers this summer, please let us know!  Leave a comment on any post, or email  Thanks 🙂

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