Congratulations to everyone who is now on summer holiday!  Maybe you got to sleep in this fine Monday morning!

Summer is a lot of fun in the Spirit River area!  Please check out the Summer Fun category if you need some ideas.  If you know of an event or activity you can suggest to others, please let us all know!  Just email or leave a comment on any post.

Here are some starter ideas:

Go to the pool!  It’s the only outside pool for miles around, and it’s a lot more relaxing than bigger, more crowded pools.  Take some lessons, get some exercise, or just splash in the cool water.  It’s awesome to swim out in the rain, too!

Go to Race the 8, the chariot and chuckwagon races hosted by the Rycroft Ag Society starting July 3rd!

Go for ice cream at the Penguin, the Hub, or down at Dunvegan Gardens.

Tour the playgrounds!  Spirit River and Rycroft have some great equipment.

Visit the library in Spirit River or Rycroft and choose yourself a relaxation companion 🙂

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2 Responses to Summer!

  1. In the old days, the small public swimming pool in Dawson Creek was only open for two short months in the summer and it was always packed with screaming kids. No way could you practice any kind of swimming because there was a body every three feet in every direction. But it was water and it was cool on those hot days. I’m sure they have a much better facility now. I guess my point is, it was the place EVERYONE wanted to be.

    • townspirit says:

      It is a little better now… it has water slides and a lazy river, a sauna and a steam room. Yet its probably a lot less popular than that little crowded pool!

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