Answers to Quiz Time

Let’s see how much you know about the history of this place…

Once again, the questions, this time with the answers.

1.  Where was the first government liquor store in the Peace?

Pouce Coupe.  It was a very civilized place – perhaps that’s why they were the first to enjoy government approved liquor sales.

2.  How long has the route between Whitecourt and Valleyview been an all weather road?

Now known as Highway 43, the Whitecourt to Valleyview all weather road was officially opened on October 26, 1955.

3.  What disappeared immediately after the welcoming ceremony for the first train to arrive in Dawson Creek (January 15, 1931)?

The ceremonial golden spike.

4.  Who conducted the first recorded Anglican service in the region ( at Flying Shot Lake in 1906)?

Rev. Murdoch Johnston of Spirit River. His parish was vast.

Hope you did well 🙂

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5 Responses to Answers to Quiz Time

  1. That’s interesting about the road from Whitecourt to Valleyview. I’ve been on that road so it had to be after 1955, but before 1963. And who would have thought little Pouce Coupe had the first liquor store. Maybe they thought it would bring the population up from about 15 to something more substantial.

    • townspirit says:

      It’s all twinned now. How many could have predicted that back in ’55?
      Pouce Coupe pops up a lot in area history. Interesting place, and now a little bigger 🙂

      • Back in the 50s there was one corner store owned by Adolf Ikert. It seems to me it had those old hardwood floors that were oiled. I don’t remember any other stores in town and if there was a liquor store, I was too young to go into it.

      • townspirit says:

        Oh! It seems Mr. Ikert was a very interesting man. Watch out for a post about him!
        The smell of oiled floors… Smells like summer 🙂

      • I would love to find out more about him. All I know is that we visited in his store a few times.

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