Dr. William Greene

Many men and women who were early residents of the Peace Region are admired for their tough pioneering spirit, their bravery and tenacity in the face of the vast, cold north.  A few early comers had even more than that up their sleeves, but none, perhaps, as much as Dr. William Greene.

Greene arrived in the Peace Country in 1910 with his wife Evangeline and daughter Ursula.  He opened a dental practice in what is now Peace River, also serving the area as a medical doctor.

All that, however, came after an impressive beginning back in San Franscisco, where Greene was an avid aviator right up there with the Wright Brothers.  He was somewhere in the lineup of the first eight men to fly, and he was certainly the first to fly with three passengers.

It seems departure from the big city to the northern backwoods wasn’t too much of a let down for Dr. Greene.  The thrills of the air were replaced with a long list of other interests: Greene was not one to miss any sort of opportunity, and many of those were easily found in the Peace Country wilderness.  Here is a quote from the man himself:

“It’s grand country. Mountain sheep to hunt, bears, deer, moose – everything. There’s a whole world to range when you’re in the mood. I can close up the office and go away for months with a tent, some grub and a gun. That’s happiness.”

Greene might have altered his definition to include his legacy to his community had he known that part of the region he roamed would be designated The Greene Valley Provincial Park.

To read about Dr. William Greene in more detail, and to find out how to visit his cairn, click here.

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2 Responses to Dr. William Greene

  1. What a life it must have been back then (as long as you never needed penicillin).

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