We Love Spirit River

The Town of Peace River asked their residents why they love Peace River.  They got over 900 responses!  That boiled down to 101 unique reasons why Peace River (and area) is a great place to love living.  Some of the responses apply to Spirit River and other places in the Peace Region as well.

What if we asked the question in Spirit River?  If people were brave enough to fill in the blank: I love living in Spirit River because ____________.

Let’s do it!  You know the question.  Leave your answer in the comment box.  It can be anonymous, so feel free to leave two or six or 20 answers.  We all know what we like about living here, but it feels good to share it 🙂  There is no time limit here.  But don’t leave without leaving a comment!

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4 Responses to We Love Spirit River

  1. I don’t live there, but I love hearing about it. The community spirit is great, from what I can gather.

  2. CeeBee says:

    I love kayaking at three lakes, all within 20 minutes from town, and there is always the Peace River as well!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the view for miles in any direction. Especially in summer when the canola is so yellow. From the top of the hill is the best.

  4. art3g says:

    Some nights are so quiet you can hear frogs chirping.

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