Spring on Chimeroo’s Land

Yesterday’s post was about Chimeroo, The Keeper of the Peace, as told to Sir William Francis Butler.  In celebration of the May Long Weekend, here is a further passage from Butler’s book:

It would not be easy to exaggerate the beauty of the country through which the trail had carried us, or the sensation of rest which came to one as, looking out over the landscape, the fair spring scene stole insensibly on the mind.  Everywhere the blue anemone, like a huge primrose, looked up to the bluer sky; butterflies fluttered in the clear, pure air; partridges drummed in the budding thickets.  The birch-trees and willows were putting forth their flowers, precursors of the leaves so soon to follow.  The long-hushed rippling of the streams fell on the ear like music heard after a lapse of time; and from the blue depths of sky at times fell the cry of the wild goose, as with scarce-moving wing he held his way in long w‘s to his summer home.  Chimeroo’s prairie was golden with the long grass of the old year.  Chimeroo’s hill glistened in the bright sun of the new spring; and winter, driven from the lower earth, had taken refuge in the mountains, where his snow-white flag of surrender floated out from crag and cliff, high above the realm of pines.  Such a scene as this, might the first man have beheld when he looked over the virgin earth.  It was far too fine a day to work: we would rest.

Have a wonderful long weekend 🙂

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One Response to Spring on Chimeroo’s Land

  1. Love this phrase – partridges drummed in the budding thickets. He writes well.

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