Singing My Peace River Home

One of the top hits on this blog is the post about the song My Peace River Home by Bob Regan.  There’s a link to the sheet music here, and here is a YouTube video of Karree j Phillips singing it with the beautiful Peace River valley as a backdrop.

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6 Responses to Singing My Peace River Home

  1. This song sounded familiar! I must have heard it a long, long time ago.

  2. Anonymous says:

    kARREE j Phillips has such a beautiful voice, very haunting,. Sung accapulo is gorgeous. She performed for over 6 years with Bob Regan,. She is from Fort St. John the song is part of her soul.

    • townspirit says:

      Thanks for your comment! You are right, her voice is very beautiful and the video will strike a chord with many people. It would be great to have a post so people could find out more about this local singer. Can you help?

  3. Espn says:

    This made me laugh…after dating brits for the last umpteen ye2&sr#8a30;current beau from Liverpool, I can assure you that it is not just the Queen that carries their bags around as such…But seriously, do you need to carry it with you through Windsor Castle…or how bout when you head to the barn out at Balmoral…? Perhaps she has one of those invisible dog zappers on Prince Phillip and the clicker is in her bag???

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