Marti Adrian

Prairie-born artist Marti Adrian certainly got a share of her family’s creativity and talent.  For as long as she remembers she has been drawing and painting, gaining skill by taking courses and studying under various well-known artists.

“Danger Descending” size: 11″L x 15″H x 8″D including base; Limited Edition of 50;

“Danger Descending”
size: 11″L x 15″H x 8″D including base;
Limited Edition of 50;

Today, Marti Adrian’s work is beautiful and strong.  It also covers a large range of subjects and media.  She does portraits of people and animals in pencil and watercolour, capturing the vibrancy and character of her subjects.  Her oil and acrylic paintings include landscapes and wildlife scenes, sometimes in miniature, that evoke a sense of peace, while her sculptures of wildcats, bison and horses are alive with flowing, muscular action.

Adrian’s love of horses is immediately apparent.  There is great majesty and depth of feeling in all of her depictions of horses.  Her watercolours are light and spirited while the oils and acrylics are often quiet and reflective.  Each stance and face (often looking directly at the viewer) has a story in it.  The trophies she has sculpted for the The Pacific Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association  and the All American Andalusian & Lusitano Show Horse Alliance must be highly coveted.  Clearly, Adrian has studied horses in great detail.

Besides individual works, Marti Adrian has illustrated books and album covers.  The books include The Legend of the Great Horse Trilogy by John Royce and The Little Red Riding Book by Jonathon Boudin.  Her work has been shown in group and solo shows and published in books, magazines and various other media.  It is included in collections all over the world.

Adrian currently lives in the Watino area, and loves living there, with her husband, dogs, cats, birds, and of course, her beautiful Andalusian horses.  She sincerely hopes that her love of nature and all living things comes through in her art so that it touches the hearts of others of like mind.

Please enjoy Marti Adrian’s web site!

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One Response to Marti Adrian

  1. Cee Bee says:

    Incredible! I particularly like the series of cards with horses. A great talent indeed!

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