The Future of the Past

People have always come to the Peace Country for the space and the natural potential of this region.  The value of the land, above and below the surface, is obvious – but of course all eyes have a slightly different perspective.

The Kleskun Hills is a special place, an out of place place that is unique in the Peace Region.  People go there to see the cacti, wild flowers, native grasses and vast view – all the wonderful things associated with the badlands, only the Kleskun Hills are just a few miles out of Grande Prairie.  It is also a place of rich history that should not be forgotten.

However, some are all too aware that, like many of the natural spaces we love this area for, the Kleskun Hills are shrinking.  This letter to the editor is an example of what long-term residents can’t help but regret.

On the other hand, population expansion and progress won’t be stopped.  The drive to bring more people to the area is strong, and our natural resources are an obvious attraction.  Isn’t it odd that we invest in the future by looking to the past?  People are here largely because of fossil fuels, and people will come because of the fossils they can find at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.  The state of the art facility equipped with modern technology will house the bones of the ancient creatures who came here, just like us, because of the natural resources boasted by this region.

If you haven’t been to the Kleskun Hills, take a few hours this summer and enjoy a quiet moment there.  Count the layers visible in the soil and remember that you won’t be the first inhabitant here, and you won’t be the last.



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