More Quick Facts

The Fahler area owes its alfalfa richness to the great fire of 1902.  It was once a heavily forested area but fire cleared the land as well as layering it with ash full of potassium, which is very beneficial for alfalfa growth.

Speaking of fire, the first movie theatre in Peace River was opened in 1914 and was destroyed by fire the next year.  Did moviegoers get to see Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp before they lost their theatre?

In other entertainment news, how much did bootleg whiskey cost?  A lot.  A twenty-six ounce bottle, watered down to 50%, was worth $25-$30.

What do you know about life in the Peace Region?  Please leave a comment 🙂  Also, you can email with any feedback or input.  Thanks for your interest!


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