Local Food is a Real Treat

When you’re talking tomatoes, buying local is the best way to go.  You know Alberta beef is the best; the carrots and potatoes grown in the Peace are more flavourful than the ones we make do with at the end of winter; and of course you can’t deny that our local honey is divine.

If you know all this already, you’ll be interested in Tales from a Small Kitchen, a blog about local food, producers, opportunities and recipes.  You’ll find lots of great links too.

If you don’t know the joy of local food, hurry up and visit the Small Kitchen!

If you are a local producer of any sort, we’d love to hear your story!  Please email townspirit@hotmail.com or leave a comment on any post.  Thank you!

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6 Responses to Local Food is a Real Treat

  1. I’m all for supporting local food growers.

  2. sharibrojo says:

    Thanks guys! Even though I’m in GP, I really enjoy your posts, too. It’s nice to get to know some local Peace Country bloggers, as well!

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