Dunvegan Gardens

A little snow doesn’t stop hardy gardeners from dreaming of cosmos and dahlias!  Maybe some of you have already enjoyed a spree at Dunvegan Gardens in Grande Prairie.

It is an extra pleasure to peruse the plants at Dunvegan Gardens locations because the greenhouse business is a longstanding family tradition.  Did you know?

Dunvegan (Fort Dunvegan) was already famous in the late 19th century for fertile soil along the Peace River.  There are many historical mentions of gardens there – especially the vegetable gardens that sustained many early settlers.

Bill and Hilda Friesen moved to Dunvegan back in 1952 and established the family run garden enterprise, beginning with vegetables and later moving into bedding plants and perennials.

The Friesen’s three sons took part in the business, branching out to Grimshaw, Peace River, Fort St. John and Grande Prairie.

In 2000, three distinct family greenhouse companies were started: Ron and Pauline and their three sons now oversee Dunvegan Gardens in Dunvegan, Fort McMurray and Edmonton; Dave, Betty, Chad and Anna have the Grande Prairie location, and Jim and Glenda operate the Fort St. John greenhouse.

Many of these locations are now open for the season, so get your green thumb ready – to punch in that pin number 😉

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  1. That’s where I’d be spending my money!

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