The Famous Tooth

Neither dentists nor rotten teeth generally stir up much fame, but there is one certain exception.  Dr. Michael Zuk, former Peace Country resident and proud owner of John Lennon’s extracted molar has made headlines around the world.  First he purchased the tooth for $31,000 at auction; now he’s sure he can have Lennon cloned by 2040 (John Lennon’s 100th birthday).

The story has spread far and wide.  You may have watched Anderson Cooper’s coverage, or Jay Leno’s, or maybe you saw it in Rolling Stone magazine. Both the auction and Zuk’s plans for cloning the famous Beatle have hit the headlines worldwide. If you missed it, check out the tooth’s web site.

Zuk owns other biological rock star memorabilia, but there seems to be something special about Lennon’s molar.  Perhaps it’s because ‘Zuk’ is a Ukrainian word for ‘beetle’?

If you know of any doings, weird, wacky or wonderful among the Peace Country population, let Town Spirit know.  Your input is always welcome, and we love a good post 🙂  Just email  Thank you!

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3 Responses to The Famous Tooth

  1. I liked John Lennon, but surely there are better people to clone. 😉

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