Last Spring

Spring is right around the corner (one of them, surely!) and soon we’ll start to see the signs: the birds, the bees, the buds.  However, with the buds comes another sign of spring, one we’d rather not see but one that is predicted to come back full force and worse than ever this year.  It’s the plague of the tent caterpillar, that chewing, pooping army of leaf stripping, cocooning insects that make a walk in the woods intolerable.

Last year the caterpillars got so bad they ate themselves out of leaves.  So they started in on bark, cutting furrows in the trees.  If they are worse this year, perhaps they will have the combined strength to finish off whole trees.  This happens every 49 years (every seventh seven-year cycle) in North Dakota.


 Happy April Fools Day! 😉

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