Peace Region Dinosaurs

Long before the Peace Country was the Peace Country as we know it, other inhabitants roamed these rocks.  And became rocks themselves.  So which species actually lived here?  Which ones left fossils behind so we know for sure they were here?

There were carnivores:

Saurornitholestes (lizard-bird thief), a dromeosaurid something like the more famous Velociraptor

Richardoestesia, named for palaeontologist Richard Estes

Paronychodon (beside claw tooth), a mystery dinosaur not yet fully classified because of the scarcity of remains.

Troodon (wounding tooth), known as an unusually smart little dinosaur

And there were herbivores:

Edmontosaurus, a duck-billed dinosaur well-known because of a relatively abundant fossil record of its life.

Pachyrhinosaurus (thick-nosed lizard), one of the most famous dinosaurs in Canada after the Pipestone Creek bonebed discovery.  Did you get the Pachyrhinosaurus quarter with the glow in the dark skeleton?

The “Red-Willow Hadrosaur”, a new species that was supposed to be named in 2013.  Does anyone know if it was?

There were other dinosaurs here as well, we just haven’t unearthed enough fossil evidence to name them for certain.  There were likely large predators like tyrannosaurs, possibly ankylosaurs, pachycephalosaurs and ornithomimids.

You never know what might turn up, so keep your eyes open this summer!  Check out the Currie Museum for more information about our local dinosaur scene, and keep an eye on Town Spirit’s Dinosaurs and Fossils category.

What do you know about local fossil discoveries?  We would love to hear from you.  Just email, or leave a comment on any post.  Thanks!


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