Fern Bedaux

Yesterday’s post was all about the adventuresome millionaire Charles Bedaux and his ambitious, if crazy, 1934 expedition through northern Alberta and British Columbia.  His wife was mentioned, briefly, as an appurtenance: part of the trappings of the boss’ scheme.  So often this happens with written histories, but in the case of Fern Bedaux, there is more to her than can be forgotten.

Fern Bedaux was a fine woman in many ways, used to fine things but a match for whatever situations her husband’s eccentricities let her in for.  Here is a fascinating blog post about Fern and her life with and without Charles.  As you read it, looking at pictures of Fern in her silky gowns, surrounded by lavish furniture, imagine her here in the Peace Country, mired in muck and watching one Citroen after another destroyed in the name of fame.  At least we know the champagne lasted until the end of the journey.

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