Answers to the Mighty Peace Quiz

How did you do with these three tricky questions about the Mighty Peace?  Time to check your answers and see:

1.  What is the oldest European community in the Peace Country?

Fort Vermilion (Boyer’s Post) was founded as a trading community in 1788.  This was after Alexander MacKenzie’s expeditions up the Peace River, and of course long after Dunneza (Beaver), Dene and Cree first nations people began using the area.  Archaeological finds suggest that the area has been frequented by humans for perhaps 3000 years.

On the B.C. side, present-day Fort St. John was established as a trading post in 1794; the first European community established in British Columbia and the province’s oldest continuously inhabited European-founded community.

2.  Visitors to Dunvegan Provincial Park are familiar with St. Charles Mission, one of the historic buildings along the river that are open for tours in the summer.  But what was the other mission at Fort Dunvegan?

In 1879, St. Saviour’s was established at Dunvegan by the Anglicans.  Alfred Garrioch served there from 1886 to 1891, but before long the church moved down river to Shaftesbury Settlement.  Within the decade, St. Charles Mission was also abandoned and the church moved to Spirit River.

3.  What’s pembina?

Yes, it is a river, a park, a pipeline, a district, an oil field… but originally, pembina was just a low-bush cranberry, also called squash berry.


Photo from Wikipedia (which doesn’t have too much information about pembina).

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2 Responses to Answers to the Mighty Peace Quiz

  1. Very interesting history! Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

  2. townspirit says:

    If you’re on your toes, maybe you won’t find any “squash” berry 😉

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