Old Time Treatments

Have you had the cold, flu, or general winter blues?  Well, have a look at these old time cures for what ails you… and see if you feel any better.

For Influenza: Bring 3/4 of a pint of good stout to a steaming heat; remove from heat and quickly add one well-beaten fresh egg that has been mixed with half an egg cup of fine oatmeal, half a thimbleful in equal parts of Indian curry and white pepper, with four pieces of loaf sugar.  Stir the mixture into the hot stout, heat and stir for five minutes.  Quickly stir in a wineglass of rum and a piece of fresh butter the size of a walnut.  The gruel should be partaken at the time when bed rest can immediately follow.

For Nasal Catarrh: Dissolve one teaspoonful each of salt, borax, and carbonate of soda in one pint of boiling water, and bottle.  Mix one tablespoon of this with one of hot water and sniff up the nose night and morning.  It would be found most effectual to have a hot bath twice a week.  This recipe effected a cure after some years’ standing.

For Rheumatism: Take a large sheet of brown paper well saturated with turpentine and place it between a piece of linen or calico.  Then put it between the under blanket and sheet of the bed, and the sufferer should sleep with the parts affected with rheumatism next to it.

Of course, keeping potatoes in one’s armpits was also quite effective for rheumatism.

These recipes were copied from Memories and Moments of White Mountain, Willowvale and Bridgeview.

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2 Responses to Old Time Treatments

  1. I suppose if the cure didn’t kill you, you’d feel better.

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