Thrift Shop at the Spirit of Peace United Church


For awhile we were sure that our Thrift Shop (open Fridays from noon to 4 pm, except in July and August) was the best kept secret in Spirit River. But with a little advertising we now think that the secret is out. Now we need to thank all the customers that come and buy, those that so generously support us with your donations and those that just come to visit and share in friendly fellowship. Actually we are truly blessed by the many people who come down the stairs with a heavy bag of items to donate, and then are just as likely to leave with a same sized bag of items that they have just purchased. All we can say is thank you, thank you, to you all.

You might wonder where your money goes that you donate to our Thrift Shop.   Yes  donate because our prices are so low, you are the winners and we accept your donations gratefully. Firstly it goes into the general account of Spirit of Peace United Church. Our heating and electricity costs are high for such a large building – so you can imagine it going there to keep our building warm and lite. Ten percent of the money earned by the Thrift Shop goes to the United Church of Canada’s Mission and Service Fund. The money from this fund goes to people in need in Canada and internationally. When there is an earthquake, wild fire, tsunami, single parents with children to feed; children needing money for clothes, shoes, school books or school fees; where ever in the world; the United Church of Canada’s Mission and Service Fund is there to help. The amazing fact about the Mission and Service Fund is that none of the money donated to the fund goes to administration, it all goes to helping where help is needed. 

There is our story! Now we ask that you continue to support our Thrift Shop. Just leave your donations on the front steps, anytime. We are glad to help you reduce, recycle and reuse; all in an effort to help Mother Earth. Sorry we cannot take electronic items.

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