Raven About the Weather


“Hey Joe, did you hear the latest weather report? Snowy and cold, maybe til May.”


“Gee, what got the wind up his tail feathers?”

Happy end of January!  We welcome February, whatever it may bring, as one step closer to spring 🙂  Wonder what that groundhog will do tomorrow?

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5 Responses to Raven About the Weather

  1. Skakuntala says:

    Looking SOO forward to spring! It was such a cold winter. The birds look very cute!

  2. I like that pun in your title. Don’t like the forecast cold though.

    • townspirit says:

      We’re back to a normal winter, but it feels a bit unfair after the long warm spell.

      • Getting spoiled. You can’t allow yourself to get too soft in that climate. You’ll have to draw on your reserves to hang in there with the cold weather until spring comes to stay (for a while).

      • townspirit says:

        Ha ha, well the snow and bitter wind today should be enough to make a groundhog turn tail and hide out for a while. If Balzac Billy didn’t see his shadow, maybe it’s because he was smart and stayed in his burrow!

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