The Senior Lifetimes

Have you picked up a copy of The Senior Lifetimes?  It’s a free paper published four times a year and delivered to places where the target audience – seniors – is likely to come across them.

You don’t have to be a senior to enjoy The Senior Lifetimes’ stories, puzzles and pictures. However, you must be a senior in order to write for The Senior Lifetimes.  The entire paper is written by Alberta seniors.  These are the people with the best stories to tell, after all.

If you are a senior, consider sending in a piece of writing.  Here is the link to The Senior Lifetimes where you can find more details.  Keep an eye out for a copy of new editions.

Remember, Town Spirit is always happy to hear from you too.  Suggestions, articles and pictures  are welcome. Just email, or leave a comment on any post.  Thank you!

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2 Responses to The Senior Lifetimes

  1. Looks good. I’d buy it even for the crossword puzzle – oops – you said it was FREE! What a bargain. Lots of interesting things in it.

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