Scenes From Januaries Past

This January warm spell (Bonspiel Thaw?) is an unusual chapter in what has been an unusual winter.  Last year we had a thorough melting at exactly the same time, but it didn’t last so long.  How does January 2014 compare with other Januaries past?  Let’s have a look.


January 2007


January 2008


January 2009


January 2010

If you have Peace Country pictures of winter or any other season, Town Spirit would be very pleased to post them here for all to enjoy.  All you have to do is email them to  Add a description, a story, whatever suits your purpose, and then tell all your friends to look up Town Spirit and the great guest poster!


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3 Responses to Scenes From Januaries Past

  1. I love looking at these photos and knowing I don’t have to feel the cold. Don’t know why I suddenly have goosebumps!

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