Eveline Charles: A Falher for Business

EvelineCharles is a familiar name in Alberta.  After all, EvelineCharles Salons/Spas/Beauty MD is “Canada’s premier beauty destination” (http://www.evelinecharles.com/).  You may have been lucky enough to have experienced one of their many styling, pampering, rejuvenating services – or you may have it on your wish list for 2014.  Even if you aren’t exactly the type to visit a spa, you’ve probably heard the name EvelineCharles all the same: in the nightly plug as stylist to Carrie Doll on CTV News.

With eight locations in Alberta and B.C. as well as a training academy, EvelineCharles is a major presence on the beauty scene in western Canada.  This salon franchise is a success story – a story with relatively modest beginnings.

The founder of EvelineCharles is Eveline Charles, born and raised in Falher, Alberta.  With only about 1000 residents, Falher has made a big name for itself, but as the Honey Capital of Canada.  Certainly it is not a place you might expect to produce a beauty guru, or the first woman to be inducted into the Alberta Business Hall of Fame.

However, this small town girl had a few advantages.  She was able to begin her career fresh out of high school.  She had a talent for cutting hair, an eye for beauty and a flair for business.  She happened to be one of the first entrepreneurs to envision the future of the beauty industry in Alberta.

After years of hard work and savvy investments, the small town girl from the Peace is now internationally recognized as a leader in the salon and day spa business.  A pioneer, to use a term familiar to us folks from the Peace Country.

More about Eveline Charles here.

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One Response to Eveline Charles: A Falher for Business

  1. Very impressive. Talented and with a business head and ambition. Good for her!

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