Spirit River in Print

This post was originally published in October, but there is an update: Lori Knutson has released a sequel to Ghosts of Northumberland Straight.  Charly Pederson is back and ready for more adventure in Where There’s a Will.

Author Lori Knutson has written three books for youth to date, all of which have accompanying educational material online.  You can read the first chapter of Ghosts of Northumberland Straight here.   If you do, you’ll be sure to notice that the characters have just arrived home from a visit to Spirit River!

You’ll find more information about the author and her books on that page as well.  You might recognize Lori Knutson’s name from the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune: she has been the faith columnist for several years.  She is now an elementary school teacher.  She lives in Hughenden, Alberta, which is the setting for her next book, a 1930s mystery.

Remember, if you know of a local author, we’d love to feature them with a post during any month!  Just email townspirit@hotmail.com.  Thank You!

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