Hooray for Spirit River’s Snow Clearing Crew!

Since Edmonton has been getting so much snow this year we hear a lot about snow removal (or lack of it) in the city on the evening news.  It’s nice to be here in Spirit River, where we have a superb snow clearing team.  Before it had stopped snowing, major roads were already cleared neatly and completely.  By yesterday, almost all the roads in town were clear.  Despite drifting snow that reminds us why there are so many trucks out here in the west, efforts to uncover the gravel roads are also efficient.  Bravo, and thank you!

Also, we have host of “snow angels” who look after sidewalks and driveways, volunteering time and snow blowers, shovels and brooms to make life easier for neighbours and passersby.  A huge thank you to them as well!

Now, fingers crossed that we’ve had our allotment of snow for a while!  Remember to keep your hydrants cleared out 🙂

Got someone to thank for their wonderful community spirit?  Town Spirit is here to help you out.  Just email townspirit@hotmail.com and see your post in this spot.

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2 Responses to Hooray for Spirit River’s Snow Clearing Crew!

  1. What would we do without them?

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