Another Peace Country Comic Artist

The arts are everywhere in the Peace Country, from acting to sculpture.  Comic book artists are in the mix as well, and although they are harder to come across, our region can boast of at least two.

On this blog, you’ve read of Steve Notley, creator of Bob the Angry Flower.  He hails from Fairview.

Today, follow this link to read about Mike Roshuk, born in Peace River.  He draws inspiration from real models to create female comic book superheroes, augmenting them with his digital skills to create something new and totally modern.

You may also want to look up Patricia Joudry, once of Spirit River, who wrote strips for Penny’s Diary (teaming up with illustrator Doris Slater).

We are a talented bunch out here!  If you know someone with some skills, how about suggesting them for a post on Town Spirit?  Even better, write the post yourself and send it along to be posted right here.  We all like to read some good news about our community 🙂

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One Response to Another Peace Country Comic Artist

  1. I admire people with artistic abilities!

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