Monster Grizzly Myth

It’s not completely untrue, just most of the details.

If you are at all interested in hunting, or have friends who are, you may have gotten an email about a monstrous grizzly shot in the Saddle Hills near Woking.  The email is quite detailed and sounds plausible; certainly it fooled the editors of plenty of hunting blogs and magazines.

Then someone, one of the “gents” who was on the hunt, wrote the true account of the hunt – which took place in Alaska.  It’s much more likely a bear of that size would be found in Alaska.  Some people even say there aren’t any grizzlies in this area anymore because people have crowded them out.

So how did the story get attributed so specifically to the Saddle Hills?  That’s likely a good tale, too.  If you know, tell us!

If you would like to see the “busted” account of this myth, as well as the email version, here’s the link.  A warning, though, there are many pictures and some people might find them uncomfortable to look at.

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