Weekend Weather

We had a nice weekend here in the Peace Country, a couple of days to send out any snowmobiles kept in rooftop sheds to shovel off the moose and dig out any vehicles marked with flags on ten foot poles.

Well, it wasn’t that bad, even if it might have looked it while the snow was still falling.  Cleanup of our streets and back roads was very efficient and the sound of snow shovels and blowers rang through the air, along with the lowing of snowmobiles.

And then along came temperatures well on the plus side.  That brings to mind another bit of exaggeration you may have heard if you’ve lived in Alberta for a while.  Here’s one version.

A man made it to church on horseback after a blizzard only to find that the church was buried in snow right up to the steeple.  Other horses were tied to the steeple and a tunnel led down to the church door.  When the services were over, the people came out to find all the snow melted by chinook winds and their horses dangling from the steeple.

If you know a local folk tale, we’d love to help you tell it to a great audience of readers.  Please email townspirit@hotmail.com or leave a comment with any ideas for a post 🙂

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