The Original Ice Road Trucker

If you love watching Ice Road Truckers – and who doesn’t like to confront their worst nightmares from a safe, warm distance – you’ll want to take note of this:

Alex Debogorski, first season favourite on the reality tv show, will be in Dawson Creek on November 25 to sign copies of his book King of the Road: True Tales from a Legendary Ice Road Trucker.  Meet him at the dollar store between 10 and 5.

Debogorski was born and raised on the farm near Berwyn, Alberta, just up the road from us here in Spirit River.  One of his earliest trucking jobs was for a company in Grimshaw.  Since then, he’s been building an amazing, frightening, and entertaining repertoire of true stories about living in the north and surviving a very difficult job.  (Read the inside flap of his book through Amazon)

By the time he showed up on Ice Road Truckers, an unlikely hero on an improbably popular reality show, Debogorski had 26 years of trucking under his belt.  His season, Season 1, was very successful because of both the loads hauled and the ratings from viewers.

In Season 2, Debogorski had to bow out because of an emergency medical condition.  But, by 2010 his book was published and now, on November 25, you can meet the legend and get a signed copy of King of the Road.

If you can’t make it to Dawson Creek, you can borrow the book and season dvds of Ice Road Truckers from your local library.

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2 Responses to The Original Ice Road Trucker

  1. Love to hear about local talent.

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